Let’s fake another toast to the good life
Predict the future, clean slate, blue sky
Fantasy: I see me husband, you wife
Lyin’, staring into those two eyes
And I can’t take it, back to where we came from
My pavement, past the emotional earthquake foundation
Yeah, let’s keep swimming in the snake pit
Get bit, get out then jump back into the suffocation
Make up and fuck to save us like we got this
Come on, this is just us baby
And this is just a fight, this is just love – maybe
Is it just you or am I fucking crazy?
I swear to god, I wish that I could Photoshop the scars off
Cold world and get all my heart throbbed
And I said it all and never get lock jaw
Mouth is a sawed off shotgun at any second could pop off
How does the truth taste?
My job comes with complimentary toothpaste
Lately, I’ve been living up out of my suitcase
Building trust in that I’m leaving on Tuesday
Bought a one night stand, just a bootleg
A duplication of something authentic
Heart augmented, and it’s so hard to end it
I said peace before but this time I meant it
Can’t get her out of my head
This place is a mess
Holding onto cobwebs
That has us both on the fence
She walks that thin line
In and out of my bed
Each time I love her less

You & I - Local Natives

When did our love,
When did our love grow cold?
The closer I get, the further I have to go

"Better to be alone without someone, than to be alone with someone"